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    Goods Hoist suitability

    Published 01/02/2016 3:32pm

    When it comes to Goods Hoists, Southwell have the scoop on any project no matter how big or small. Being a Goods Hoist specialist, Australian owned an... Read more

  • StoragelandYatala_(146762)_w.jpg

    DDA Compliant Freestanding Goods Personnel Hoist

    Published 12/01/2016 3:30pm

    Southwell Lifts & Hoists worked closely with Storageland, Yatala, Qld to determine what would best suit their latest Self Storage development. It was ... Read more

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    25 years of service to Southwell Lifts & Hoists

    Published 18/12/2015 3:29pm

    Congratulations to Lyn Cullen, Accountant on reaching the milestone of 25 years of tireless and dedicated service to Southwell Lifts & Hoists. A miles... Read more

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    Southwell Industrial Scissor Lifts

    Published 04/12/2015 3:28pm

    After fifteen (15) years of tough work, the old Southwell scissor lift hoist was retired as James Hardie ordered a replacement Scissor Lift for their ... Read more

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    Bound For Western Australia

    Published 26/11/2015 3:27pm

    One truck loaded with two more to follow, the photo shows two Freestanding Goods Lifts with platform sized at 2400mmSq and vertical travel of 3000mm d... Read more

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    Lifts & Hoists Still Going Strong...

    Published 29/10/2015 3:25pm

    Installed close to ten (10) years ago, Southwell’s custom designed and manufactured truck hoist situated on George Street Sydney is still going strong... Read more

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    Tackling complex Lifts & Hoists

    Published 29/09/2015 3:23pm

    Southwell Lifts & Hoists have been building and supplying equipment throughout Australia for over 70 years and are being awarded subcontracts to desig... Read more

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    Supplying Lifts & Hoists throughout Australasia

    Published 24/09/2015 3:21pm

    With over 70 years in the business, Southwell design, manufacture, deliver, install and service Goods Hoists / Freight Lifts, Goods Personnel Hoists, ... Read more

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