• Pit-less_Goods_Hoist_compress.jpg

    Southwell Pit-less Goods Hoist

    Published 24/07/2014 5:32pm

    Pictured here is a recent installation of the Southwell pit-less Goods Hoist at a Storage King site in NSW with an existing slab. With no concrete wor... Read more

  • Southwell_Engineering_MWLP_Busines_sof_the_Month_June_2014_-_website.jpg

    MWLP Business of the Month June 2014

    Published 19/06/2014 5:31pm

    Southwell Engineering Pty Ltd proudly received the MWLP Business of the Month in June 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to the Youth of Macarthur. "Th... Read more

  • Inspecting_Korea_bound_Hoist_(1087)_-_compressed.JPG

    Exporting to Korea

    Published 22/05/2014 5:28pm

    A recently awarded project has seen Southwell's Freestanding Goods Hoist shipped to Korea. The hoist is set for the Wheatstone processing platform whi... Read more

  • Freestanding_Goods_Hoist_-_compressed.jpg

    Freestanding Goods Hoist

    Published 05/05/2014 5:29pm

    Looking for a healthy alternative to carrying bulky goods up stairs? Then Southwell LIfts & Hoists has the solution. The Freestanding Goods Hoist has ... Read more

  • Hoist_MtGravatt_126442.jpg

    Southwell Lifts & Hoists have your lifting solutions

    Published 26/02/2014 5:41pm

    Whether it's at a warehouse, supermarket, self-storage facility, hotel, kitchen or apartments one email or phone call is all it takes. The Southwell L... Read more

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