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    Goods Personnel Hoist - Freestanding

    Published 04/06/2018 9:34am

    Southwell offer Goods Hoists, Freight Hoists and Goods Personnel Hoists which can cater for all sectors Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

    Whether you are looking for a basic Goods Hoist or a three level Goods Personnel Hoist as pictured here, we have the product that will meet your needs

    When choosing a hoist system for your office, warehouse, storage facility or any other place where people need to lift goods from Ground floor to another level, it is important to take into account the aesthetics and practical use of the hoist.

     Southwell will give you great appearance as well as a hoist that will stand the test of time

     Contact us on 1800244787 M: 0418966282 or email sales@southwell.com.au 

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