Freestanding Goods Hoist

Structural Integrity Without Compromise

Southwell design, manufacture, install and service Lifts, Hoists, Goods Hoists, Goods Lifts, Freight Hoist and Freight Lifts for a wide range of applications in many industries.

We provide Lifts, Hoists and Service for small through to large industries, government departments, builders, retailers and many others. Our markets include Commercial/Retail, Residential Warehousing, Self-Storage, Mining, Medical Research/Pharmaceutical and Building Services

Freestanding Goods Hoists

Installed externally or internally to your building, self-supporting without the need for a lift shaft. 

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Freestanding Goods Personnel Hoists

Goods Personnel Hoists are also available in this configuration. This hoist allows the operator to ride safely with the goods between levels.