In Shaft Goods Hoist

Structural Integrity Without Compromise

Southwell design, manufacture, install and service Lifts, Hoists, Goods Hoists, Goods Lifts, Freight Hoist, Freight Lifts for a wide range of applications in many industries.

We provide Lifts, Hoists and Service for small through to large industries, Government Departments, builders, retailers and many other clients. Our markets include Commercial/Retail, Residential Warehousing, Self-Storage, Mining, Medical Research/Pharmaceutical and Building Services

In Shaft Goods Hoists

Perfect for existing sites with poor access for hoist installation, this hoist can be fitted to a lift shaft built to specifications for support and to enable access and installation.

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In Shaft Goods Personnel Hoists

Goods Personnel Hoists are also available in this configuration, this allows the operator to ride safely with the goods between levels.